Cooking/Kitchen Disasters

Have you had any?

What is the worst dish you have ever cooked or the worst cooking disaster you have had?
Will you contribute your experience?
I don't mean burning the place down or setting the kitchen ablaze!
You do not have to worry, your name will not be included. For instance, if your name is John Citizen, the story will be credited to `John C’.

This project is for `Home Cooks', not for professional chefs, cooks or members of their immediate families. It is NOT a case of `Good', `Bad' or `Otherwise'.
It is just a matter of luck!

You send in a story (Around 1000 words, maximum) to my eMail address ( with `Cook Disaster' in the Subject field), it gets a number and the numbers are drawn; The drawn number gets 50 bucks; that's it!

My worst effort was long years ago, when I was at home during some school holidays and I prepared lunch which was Rice and a Red Lentil curry! The Rice was no problem with the aid of a Rice Boiler/Cooker; 3 cups Rice, 4 ½ cups water, a pinch of Salt and flick the switch. It would not burn at all as when the Rice was cooked, the Rice Boiler switched on to a `Warm' setting; Easy!

I checked the range of jars from which I added a teaspoon each of what I thought were spices, to the Lentil curry and these included a thing called `Peyawa’ a herbal mixture for the treatment of flu; How was I to know?

One common disaster is adding salt instead of sugar!

Tony C.

There is no fixed date or period for a draw to be held.
The minimum number of entries for a draw to be held is 5.
Entries will be accumulated until this number is reached for a draw to be held.
Anybody who is interested in co-sponsoring this project is welcone to send an eMail to with a suggestion. Thanks.

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