Just Curries Chutneys/Pickles/Sambols Bombai Muttai Thali
Curry Mad 4

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Then try a cocktail
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How often do you eat Toast?

Next time, try it with either a Beef or Fish Ball, spread on the toast.
Break out of your `Comfort Zone'
Curry Mad 4 is a collection of different ideas to try.
These suggestions, in Curry Mad 4 have been prepared right here in Melbourne (Australia). The included photos attest to that.

What's IN it?

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Curry Mad 4

The Ingredients?

Don't worry about the ingredients for these preparations. They are all available in most Asian, Indian or Sri Lankan grocery outlets, and you find these in (almost) all corners of the globe these days!

Why an "eBook"?

Is it cheaper for YOU!
You don't need a Book Holder to balance your `Hard Copy' Recipe book on your bench top and clutter the place up now, do you?
Think of saving those family secrets? Well, eBooks are the most convenient for storage which will be brought out just for cooking, not for `decoration on the shelf'. It IS HARDER for ME to create as one has to have a reasonable knowledge of `computer lingo'.
It is also more expensive to get printed as a "Hard Copy" just so that you can fill up your bookshelf! You don't have to find room on your bookshelf as well. to join the other "hard copy" books gathering dust. Just insert the CD/DVD into the PC, or any other device that can open the eBook.,Then all you do is select your recipe, print it (If you want to), prepare the dish and enjoy! That's all there is to it!

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Enjoy How to Prepare
CurryMad 4 Recipes

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Just Curries Chutneys/Pickles/Sambols Bombai Muttai Thali