Here are some TESTIMONIALS from those who have copies of the original "Curry Mad"

"I have really enjoyed using the recipes from the original Curry Mad book.
The compliments keep flowing whenever I cook something from the Curry Mad recipe book! I especially love the Beef Smore and Love Cake recipes.
I will be looking forward to trying out the recipes of the Curry Mad II book in the near future.
Thanks again and keep them coming."

Louise M. Sydney, Australia.

"Hi Tony, just thought I'd drop you an eMail about your "freebee" recipes from your web site. I have tried your 1) Bombay Toast and 2) Bread & Butter pudding and am quite happy to let you know that they both tasted exactly the same as my dear old Mum (may she rest in peace) used to make 60 to 70 years ago when I was a kid! Then I had a go at some of the recipes in "Curry Mad" and can assure your that our old "Kussiamma" (Sri Lankan cook) at home could hardly have done them better. This would be truly praise indeed, especially the prawn curry, as she was a real jewel. Thanks a lot Tony, looking forward to "Curry Mad II" Please reserve me a copy. These are truly authentic Sri Lankan recipes as we used to enjoy back home. Best Regards. Anton."

Dr Anton R, Melbourne, Australia.

"Re Curry Mad
I am a Sri Lankan living in the Phillippines and cook reasonably well. However, whenever I want to prepare an authentic Sri Lankan dish for special occasions, or a special dish, I turn to Curry Mad for a recipe. One of my favourites is the prawn curry and some of the vegetables are also great. I also have prepared many of the sweets and Christmas season favourites, not to mention the tit-bits in the "Taste" section when sipping on Tanduay (Phillippine Rum) on the beach. All in all, I think that if one enjoys curries, particularly Sri Lankan curries, one can't go past Curry Mad for authenticity, taste, simplicity and ease of preparation."

Hillary C., Mindanao, Phillippines.
Excerpt from a "General Comment" posted on the Currymad website and subsequent eMail.
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Your words of wisdom: very good website recipes look inviting. just a quick browse this time but i will be back for more

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