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These are not your average, everyday recipes.

These are for those who fancy Ceylonese/Sri Lankan flavoured recipes & Other tastes!

Check what's in EACH eBook, before you decide!

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It is also more expensive to get printed as a "Hard Copy" just so that you can fill up your bookshelf! You don't have to find room on your bookshelf as well. to join the other "hard copy" books gathering dust. Just insert the CD/DVD into the PC, or any other device that can open the eBook.,Then all you do is select your recipe, print it (If you want to), prepare the dish and enjoy! That's all there is to it!

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Curry Mad
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CM5 Spicy Vegetarian Ideas

The long awaited CurryMad `SPICY VEGETARIAN IDEAS' has arrived!
This is a collection of new and old non-dairy, non-meat, non-poultry and non-seafood ideas from this website for you to try.

A note to remember is that `Spicy' does not automatically mean `Chilly'; It is essentially a method of preparation and a different flavour using different ingredients.

It is suggested that you experiment with these ideas to come up with your own version of a `Spicy' dish.

Have fun and Good Luck.

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A Taste of Ceylon cuisine
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What's in it?
CurryMad 3

Contents of Just Curries
Bombai Muttai
Sri Lankan Sinhalese Recipes.
Sinhalese are the majority race in Sri Lanka

What's in it?
A collection of Tamil Recipes from Sri Lanka.
Tamils are the 2nd largest race in Sri Lanka jc-cover copy.jpg

What's in it?
Chutneys, Pickles & Sambols

What's in it?
Eggplant Pickle

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Sri Lankan food Encyclopaedia

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You are most welcome to send in relevant info such as ingredient tips and tricks that are used in typical Ceylonese/Sri Lankan cooking.
or food preparation and pictures of equipment and/or tools used in Sri Lankan cooking,
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Some MEAL ideas
Food for Thought

Milk Wine
Any time is Christmas, not too far away!
Make your own Christmas and Festive Drink
Do your `Milk Wine' thing!
It's delicious and so easy to make in just a few steps
with ingredients, all available from liquor shops(whiskey), condensed milk and (spices) in most Asian grocery outlets.
Please Don't drink & drive
Ceylon is famous for its quality tea, and even though the country's name was changed from Ceylon to Sri Lanka in the 1970's, the tea is still known as "Ceylon" tea. However, you hardly hear of a "Ceylon" or "Sri Lanka" curry, even though a curry is an integral part of most meals in the country.

There are "Sri Lankan" restaurants in most Western countries around the world these days, but, typically when one thinks of a curry, it is mostly associated with India, of which there are quite a number of restaurants around the world as well. There are quite noticeable differences between the two types of food, and there are also differences within each country's regions.




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